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Don't mind a little pain? Want to get rich quick? Are you not sad about doing unethical things? Surf the web's back-alleys, hack users, harvest as much data as you can and make all the coins you could ever need!

  • Turn-based first person dungeon crawl action!
  • Upgrade your WAREZ™, a unique skill system.
  • SHRED your foes!
  • Roguelike procedural maps and perma-death.
  • Overload your senses with the strange audio-visual experience

Made in 1 week for Dungeon Crawl Jam 2022


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Hz So Good For Windows 25 MB
Hz So Good For 64Bit Linux 24 MB
Hz So Good For ARM64 Linux 21 MB
Hz So Good For MacOSX 11.0 40 MB
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nice to see you're still at it, making psychedelic game experiences :)

Of course. I hope I can keep doing this even after I become a really old person. Also, we miss you! Please come back to the temple! 

I just tried.. not sure if matrix is still bridged but appears real quiet there and I'm almost certain it's not because of the bad joke I made when joining

I had to shut off the matrix bridge because of spam. But ##panda3d on libera is bridged. Otherwise it'll have to be the discord.