A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Slithering sci-fi turn-based action roguelike.

Inspired by old science fiction b-movies, teleglitch, dangerous dave and ikaruga.

Destroy the evil evil woyems and escape their hostile home! Load your rifle with either CYAN or VIOLET rounds strategically or perish!

Made in 7 days for 7drl2021 by me.


Arrows - move
Space - fire
C - Load CYAN round
V - Load VIOLET round
X - Next target

Created using:

  • Language: Python
  • Text editor: Kaa-edit
  • Engine: Panda3D
  • Graphics/Animation: Blender
  • Sound/Music: Ardour/Yamaha SHS-10
I should probably note these days (and to put things in perspective) that all assets including animations, sound, music and code were created within the 7 days. No asset-store cheats or Kevin McLeod tracks here. One Hundred Percent Organically Home Grown

Special thanks to:
rdb, tizilogic, schwarzbaer
 ...who  helped out enormously!


Evil Evil Woyems-0.0.1a0_win_amd64.zip 41 MB
Evil Evil Woyems-0.0.1a0_manylinux1_x86_64.tar.gz 43 MB
Evil Evil Woyems-0.0.1a0_macosx_10_9_x86_64.zip 36 MB

Install instructions

Just extract and run!

Please unplug your gamepad, its support is currently busted! Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Please report any bugs, though I will not upload fixes until after the entry is rated. This is the state the game was in when my 7 days were up but I do see it has a lot of potential.

NOTE: MACOSX build is working but has some graphical glitches. Please do not rate my game based on this build.


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Loaded this game three times and pressed space to start...Just an FYI that I learned after following an intuition if a controller is plugged in, this game will give that controller auto-priority, which is a shame because the controller doesn't work so well with this one. Since you don't even list controller controls this probably wasn't your intent, and I thought maybe you'd want to know in case you were planning a post-jam fix or upgrade at some point.


Oh snap, you're right! Noted, and thanks for the heads-up.

Love the aesthetic and the atmosphere. Really nice designs. Everything feels fresh. Nice one.

Thanks, that means a lot!